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Be SEEN! To all of our early morning and late evening athletes, please try to remember to wear reflective gear when you come to the Box or grab a vest. Whether we are running for a warm up or a WOD, we need to be seen. Be aware of where you are running in relation to the curb/sidewalk and don’t be in the middle of the road. Be cautious and assume the driver does not see you before proceeding, better safe than sorry.

Mom’s and dad’s who use the playcare – Please check the Group Me app for updates to playcare. If a playcare attendant will not be able to make it, it will be posted on this app. If you don’t have the group me app or know about it, get with Troy, Jamie or Elyse. Thanks!

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare  for..

A. Skill: The Kip

The ‘lift’ toward the bar should be driven by snapping from arch to hollow and pressing down on the bar with straight arms, NOT from violently thrusting the hips forward. Demonstrated here:

While the hip thrust can be a good starting point to get someone to pull ups, it is not a good long term strategy. It’s a dead end. A proper kip is better on the low back and shoulders, and transfers to a butterfly, C2B, muscle up etc.

In a good kipping pull up, the arch to hollow is the same, but the hollow position is maintained until the descent.

B. WOD:  

For time, 22 min cap

80 Double Unders (120 single)

40 Wall Ball adv: 30/20 rx: 20/14, 14/10, 10/8

20 pull ups   Advance: C2B

60 Dubs (90 Single)

30 Wall Ball

15 pull up

40 Dubs (60 single)

20 Wall Ball

10 pull up

20 Dubs (30 single)

10 Wall Ball

5 pull up


C. Above and Beyond:

C alternate for 4-5 sets each, rest as needed between

C1 row 20/16 cals hard immediately into max rep T2B for quality. As form starts to break down cut the set.

No torn hands here. If your hands are sore then substitute for V-ups with a PVC where the toes and PVC meet. Similar to a snap up to hollow.

C2 bike 20/16 cals hard

Max strict HSPU

If you do not have Strict HSPU, then do max kipping for quality or max Z press with a barbell loaded to 50-60% bodyweight (40-50% for women)

D ski 10-15 min easy. Low damper setting.

E crossover symmetry recovery protocol

Olympic Lifting – 615p

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