Wednesday 171004

Mark you calendars and get your costumes ready! Friday October 27th. 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare  for..

A. Skill:
Kipping Handstand Push Ups


Continuous clock for 24 min

3 X 8 min AMRAP with no rest in between

B1: 10 calorie row

Handstand push ups 5/3

B2: 200m run

20 lunges

B3: 30 American KBS           Rx: B/Y     

30 ball slams with a wall ball         14/10

There is no squat with these ball slams. The goal is speed and a hard downward effort. 


Intent: This will be a tough and long workout.  Try to settle into a pace and use your breathing to carry you at a higher pace than you are comfortable with.


C. Above and Beyond:

Spend 10-15 min working on your favorite ring muscle up drills. Quality over quantity here.

C:Alternate for 4-5 sets

C1: bottom to bottom pistol switches, 12 reps total

Descend into an air squat or pistol

Extend one leg

Bring the extended leg back, into the squat

Extend the other leg, maintaining the bottom position

Each leg counts as a rep

Use a counterbalance if needed (10 or 15 lb plate)

Mobilize the ankles prior if needed.

C2: Landmine twist 16-20 reps

Be sure to try to keep a long and straight spine. There should be rotation in the spine/hips but minimal flexion/extension or lateral flexion. That should come from the shoulders. We don’t have a landmine attachment, but the end of the barbell can be pinned between 2 plates. I find it works ok free standing as well, you just need lighter weight.


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