Wednesday 170628

4th of July Hours 7a and 9a ONLY!

July = HERO MONTH. Do a minimum of 19 WOD’s and get an epic Letrono CrossFit Hero T-shirt. Watch for the WOD tracking board where you will track your WOD’s. Tracking starts Saturday!

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare to for..

A. Strength:
4 sets each, alternating. 
A1: Rack Pull 2-6 reps. Add weight or reps from 2 weeks ago. This is the final week of this. Retest next week.
A2: ME Ring Row or bent over BB Row @60-70% bodyweight @2020, set terminates when tempo cannot be maintained.

6 min AMRAP

6 T2B
24 DU

* Scale accordingly to maintain consistency of good mechanics, while applying intensity through rounds.   Ask your coach for help.


C: Alternate for 3 sets

C1: Goblet cossack squat 6-8 reps per side
C2: Double DB Push Press, 6-8 reps 

D: Alternate for 3-4 sets
D1: Single arm pushup X max rep, OR single arm DB Bench, increasing reps and/or weight from last time. (10-12 reps)
D2: Single leg biased deadlift, 6-8 reps per side

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