Wednesday 170614

We are looking for a 9a Playcare attendant on Friday’s. If you are interested in a discounted membership for 4 hours of watching kids per month, let Sara know. We are looking to fill this spot by July 1st. 

Coach E  is heading out for a 6 month deployment on Friday. If you see him before then be sure to wish him well and safe travels. 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

 5-7 sets of:
3 position power snatch, +1 OHS
Mid thigh, top of kneecap, below kneecap somewhere, not ground.
IF proficient in snatch, may do 3 squat snatches instead.

13 min AMRAP of:


Adv: 135/95
RX: 95/65

* Scale accordingly to maintain consistency of good mechanics, while applying intensity through  A & B.   Ask your coach for help.



C: Alternate for 3-4 sets
C1: Single Arm Push Up, Max Rep, OR Single Arm DB Bench, 8-10 reps per side
C2: Max duration chin over bar hang, or max rep ice cream makers.

Set terminates when movement deteriorates. IE on chin over bar hang if the shoulders start to rise into the ears, or chin drops below bar.

D: Alternate for 4 sets
D1: KB Front Rack/ Overhead carry. 200′ (down and back twice)
One kettlebell held in FR, one OH. FR should be heavier than OH KB
May use dumbbell overhead instead if it pleases you.
Perform with one arm, move to sit up on same arm, then come back, switching arms. 2 sets will be completed each side.

 D2: 10 single arm KB Overhead sit ups.

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