Wednesday 170607

NO 10a Playcare coverage today!! Plan accordingly. 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

A – OverHead Squat 5 x 3 @ 75-85%

 – 3 Rounds for time of:  (18 min time cap)
30/25 Cal Row/Bike
90 DU or Single, don’t increase reps for singles
30 Slam Balls 40/30 30/20 20/15 (” Pick a weight that you only break once)



C: Alternate for 3-4 sets
C1: Ring Push Up Elevators, Max Rep
Push up on rings. Pause at bottom for 1 second, mid range for one second, and top (hands turned out) for one second. Set terminates when movement quality deteriorates.

C2: Alternating bent DB Rows, Top Down. Like last time, both dumbbells are pulled to the top of the row, then lower one and bring it back up, maintaining the other at the top of the pull. Alternate for 6-8 reps each side.

D: Alternate for 4 sets of lunges/carries. 2 each side
D1: Single Arm Front Rack lunge + carry. Lunge 50′ with a single KB in the Front Rack. Then turn around and WALK down and back twice, maintaining the kettlebell in the same position.

D2: Ring Swings for quality

Perform a set of lunge/carry for 1 arm, then practice ring swings. Then do a set with the other arm, then ring swings. 2 sets each arm.


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