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Summer Nutrition Challenge Details: 

  • The challenge runs 8 weeks from June 5th-July 30th  
  • Participants must be signed up by 9:30pm Thursday June 1st. In order to officially sign-up participants must put their name on the sign-up sheet that will be posted on the community board.
  • The total cost of the challenge is $125. This is broken up as follows: $65 for the nutrition challenge, $30 for before body composition testing, $30 for after body composition testing.
  • Body Composition Testing will be performed Saturday June 3rd 7-9am. We will post a sign-up sheet on the community board.  You will sign-up for a 10 minute time slot.  Please be on time.  Make sure that you use the restroom before testing, that you fast at least 2 hours before the test, do not exercise for at least 6 hours before testing, & do not consume diuretics such as caffeine, alcohol, or medication. 
  • MANDATORY Kick-off Meeting will be held Thursday June 1st @ 8:00pm. If you absolutely cannot make it to the meeting, but would still like to join the challenge let Troy, Sara, Angi, or Jamie know.  We will create teams and give each participant their macros by Sunday June 4th.

    USAW Mike Carol 2 hour Snatch Clinic

  • There are 8 slots , that  have become available…
    “USAW” Olympic Lifting Clinic June 3rd 2017 0900-1100 $35.00 per Athlete
    USAW Coach Mike Carrol will be putting on a “Snatch” Clinic.  Sign up sheet is on the community board.
    Dont miss this opportunity to improve..

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

Back Squat 5×3 @75-85%

WOD:  15.1 AMRAP 9 min
15 Toes to bar
10 Dead Lift 115/75, 95/55, 75/35
5 Power Snatches same bar.

* Scale accordingly to maintain consistency of good mechanics, while applying intensity through  AMRAP.  Ask your coach for help.



Rotate for 3-4 sets

C1: Lateral box step up, 8-10 reps per leg.


C2: Half Kneeling Single Arm Press, 8-10 per side


C3: 7-way hip, 5 reps per leg. 1 rep is a full cycle of every movement.


C4: Ring support, top, 15-30 seconds


D: For quality:

Straight Leg Single Arm Kettle Bell Sit Up (Accumulate 25 reps per side. Sets of 5 with a 5 second hold at the top of the 5th rep.)

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