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Brandon S

Brandon S

“Your biggest challenge isn’t someone else.  It’s the ache in your lungs, the burning in your legs and the voice inside you that yells, ‘I can’t.’ But you do not listen.  You just push harder.  Then you hear that voice fade away and start to whisper, ‘I can.’ That’s the moment you discover that the person you thought you were is not a match for the person you really are.” – unknown author

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

A1: 4-5 Front Squat @42×1 (4 down, 2 bottom, explode up, reset and go), suggested starting weight 50% to learn, add as appropriate, within the tempo

A2: Max Push up in 30 sec

* Scale movement/reps accordingly to maintain consistency of good mechanics through intensity.  Ask your coach for help.

B.  AMRAP 6min
10-15 Air Squats

30 Single Unders OR 20 Double Unders OR 10 Triple Under

** You choose your air squat number, it should be as many as you can do quickly and without stopping. Today is not the day to practice progression on the jump rope. Pick something that you won’t trip more than once on, and get through it and back to the squats.



To be done immediately following class work.

C.  Repeat B for 2-3 more sets (3 or 4 total sets). Rest as needed between efforts, but not more than 6 minutes. Only repeat for a 4th time if you feel you can honestly get a similar score.

D.  Alternate between D1 and D2, rest 2 min between movements.

      D1.  MR Single Arm Ring Row each arm. After the first set start with the weaker arm and only do the same number. This works best if the bottom of the ring is around belly button height,                   and the box is around knee height

    D2. Single leg BIASED Deadlift, 10-12 reps.  Maintain your normal deadlift stance, but shift one leg back about a foot. Rest one min and repeat, opposite leg.

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