Wednesday 170111

New Olympic Lifting Class tonight at 615p! 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare  for..

A. Strength: 

Work to a heavy 3 rep back squat and then perform

5 x 3 at that weight.  ( should be around 85-90% of 1rm)

B. WOD: 


Pistols (alternating, total number)

Legless rope climb (3-2-1)

Wall Ball 20/14

Pull ups


C. Above and Beyond:

For quality, then reps       

3-5 sets, rotating. Rest as needed between sets

C1 30 sec row, very hard

Max Rep HSPU

C2 20 sec bike, very hard

Max burpees in 40 sec 

C3 run 200m, hard

Max distance hand stand walk, 30 sec

C4 ski 30 sec, very hard

Max double under in 40 sec

Play with speed and tempo of DU here.


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