Wednesday 160224

LCF CF OPEN Teams – Teams have been formed and you can see which team you are on by clicking on the link. There are 4 tabs, go the last tab “total” and you can will see all 4 teams.
 CF OPEN 2016 Team Tracking  Team lists will also be posted on the whiteboard. Let the shenanigans begin! If anyone registers after today, we will add to the teams, it’s not to late. 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare for..
WOD: See whiteboard….


2 thoughts on “Wednesday 160224

  1. A all at 165. failed first 4 from mid thigh. haven’t snatched in a while so greasing the groove felt good
    B 12:15 need to push on bike more.
    C 11:03 better push, still could go harder on row

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