Wednesday 150923

T-Shirt/Hoodie VOTING starts today. Vote no later than Friday by 7pm. Winner will be announced the following week. There will be voting sheets, vote for your 1st and 2nd choice design. 

WODAPALOOZA –  The WZA V Online Challenge is a great opportunity to compete against friends in your box and the entire fitness community. It will also serve as the qualifier and lottery for The Wodapalooza Fitness Festival in Miami held in January.  Please note, everyone that wishes to compete at WZA Miami, aside from the invited,must complete the Online Challenge. For more info and to register  Starts on 10/1/15. 

LCF Mini Games – WEEK 2Max Reps # of body weight back squats in 3 minutes (advanced), 80% of BW for Intermediate and 65% for Beginners. Score sheets are by the music receiver. 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare for..

WOD: “Doubles & Squats”
Double Unders 100/70
10 Overhead Squats  155/105 135/95 115/75
Double Unders 100/70
10 Overhead Squats  155/105 135/95 115/75
10 Front Squats  155/105 135/95 115/75
Double Unders 100/70
10 Front Squats 155/105 135/95 115/75

*Scale weight and movements as needed in progression . Ask your coach for help.

Cool Down

Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level:
Odd: 2 Strict HSPU
Even: 4 Kipping HSPU
Don’t do more reps – try to improve efficiency, positioning and increase cycle times.
Rest 3-5 minute setup for
7 Minutes to establish today’s heaviest  x 1 Power Clean

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