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 T-Shirt Order is up and ready for you all to order your new Hoodie, T-shirt or Long Sleeve T-Hoodie. Please order by Saturday!!

2nd Annual LCF New Years Eve Throwdown will be held on December 31st from 8a-12 (or earlier), sign ups are on the whiteboard. A team will make up 1 man, 1 woman. If you don’t have a partner, put your name on the board and we will make sure you get a teammate. Bragging rights for the entire year with your teams names on the Warrior Shields that are hanging up in the front lobby. This is a ton of fun and you don’t want to regret not signing up. There will be RX and Scaled divisions available. 

Burpee Challenge Day 70

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for..

” If you want to get stronger, improve your deadlift. Driving your deadlift up can nudge your other lifts upward, especially the Olympic lifts.” Fear of the deadlift abounds, but like fear of the squat, it is groundless. No exercise or regimen will protect the back from the potential injuries of sport and life or the certain ravages of time like the deadlift.” ~CrossFit Training Guide

12-9-6 Reps for time of:

Dead-lifts    315/255, 285/225, 245/195
Bar muscle-ups  

Cool down

Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level:
4 Rounds
3 min cutoff for each round
400 m run
As many snatches (full) as possible with remaining time 135/95 

Rest 2 min




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