Wednesday 141119


 “Energy & persistence conquer all things.” ~Benjamin Franklin

Meet Mario the Salsa Dancing Instructor! The date and time is TBD, but we will be having a night with Chips and Salsa and Salsa dancing! Watch the blog for more details and be sure to post to comments if you are interested in attending and learning how to Salsa!!! If you have not met Mario, he can be found WOD’ing in the evening classes. 

Burpee Challenge Day 42

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for…

Strength:  9 Min EMON
3 Snatch grip halting Deadlifts @ 115% of 1RM Snatch HOOK Grip..

Squeeze lats, maintain shoulder in front of bar, tight midline & posterior chain

10-8-6-4-2 of:

Snatch 115/83 95/63 75/45 ** Scale lbs & or to a pwr snatch + OHS
5 K2 Elbows between each round

Cool Down 

Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level:
CF Open 14.5




24 thoughts on “Wednesday 141119

  1. Salsa dancing?? I’m in! I’ve seen Mario move his hips and trust me it’s better than his squat! Everyone come in for some good times!

  2. Sounds like a “spicy” night out…count me and my ” hot” wife Denise in! Mario, make sure Dallas has the night off so he can watch Jaedyn and Cole… could be a late night.

  3. You know I’m in for salsa dancing, although we’re going to need more ladies replying…or are some of you boys are going to wear mini-skirts…lol

  4. Sounds like it will be worth it if only to see Caitlyn attempting to salsa!! Depending on the date and time…..sounds like fun though!!

  5. Oh I’m there! Chips n salsa, hips shakin and hot buns? A girl can’t pass that up! However, I’m gonna need a partner…..
    Any takers?

  6. Wait am I going to be the only Latin girl in this group? Ok let me add a disclaimer: not all Latin people know how to dance I will try my best not to embarrass my people.

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