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Friday join us for a celebration of a fabulous past 5 weeks! We want to finish out 14.5 ThrowDown Style on Friday from 6-8, celebrate with some food, prizes and recognition for those that signed up and endured, mastered and overcame their fears of competition! Even if you did not compete “officially” in the CF Open, come celebrate and get ready for next year! You will ALL want to show up, you never know what award might have your name on it! Bring a dish to share and come meet new people and reminisce the last 5 weeks. PLEASE PLAN ON COMPLETING 14.5 on Friday so we can have a good idea of the results on the LCF Leaderboard!

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for…

Strength- Test
5Min EMON Strict Press @ 70% 1 RM
Rest recovery
500m Row for time.* Todays best

*(Have a sneaky feeling were gonna see em on 14.5)

WOD: 12 Min EMON of:
15 Double Unders* 30 Singles + 3 Burpee Pullups * Scale Burpee to “6” jump off ground

Even: 3 Thrusters 105/73 95/63 85/55# + 5 V- Ups

*Team cool down: 800m Run 1k Row PNF-Static Stretching 5-7 min

Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level
Do  Strength  and WOD  then: 

Rest recover 8min then:
3 Rounds for time of:
8x Power Cleans To front rack lunge step “10ft”To 6 burpees-Lunge back “10ft”
Rest 2 minutes 

3 Rds Not for time of:
6-8 Alternating Pistols
3x Ice cream makers

Watt Bike, Row for 6-8 minutes at 65-75%

CF Endurance:
Row 4x500m rest 1:1 (Goa all Out)


5-3- 2 Press @ 75-85 1RM


8 Min AMRAP of:
5x SlamBall 40/30
150M Row


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