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I came across this & it hit home on how I feel about this topic.
-Compliments Patrick Burke 5x CF Games competitor.

This video contains some vulgar language apologies up front and Burpee’s. But, it really hit on a topic/rant that I’ve had floating in my head lately. Mark Bell (the guy in the vid) is an American elite powerlifter, former wrestler, owner of one of the most successful powerlifting gyms in the states, and squats over 1,000 lbs. Let’s just say he’s pretty successful  . He, like many successful people, knows that it is “NOT” the program you’re on, the supplements you take, the coaching you get, the books you’ve read, or the clothes and gear you wear. It’s about showing up. Getting off your butt every day and putting the work in. Believe in what your doing. Its about hard work. How hard? Real hard. Rich Fronning has said it many times when asked about what program he does, what food he eats, or what supplements he takes. His answer is always “hard work.” Why is it that people want an easy answer? Why do we continue looking for the perfect program or some magical smoothie to help us lose weight? When are we just going to realize that if you want something, it takes sacrifice. Time, sweat, aches, pain, and sleep deprivation are all probably going to have to be in there somewhere if you are really pushing to get somewhere.

One thing that I’ve caught myself saying way too much lately…if it’s important, do it daily. You can bet Mark Bell, Rich Fronning, Bill Gates, Oprah Winfrey, or anyone achieving high levels of success, practice their skill daily. If you want once a week results…fine, practice once a week. Three times a week results, work it in three times a week. But, if you want to see everything you have, you have to do it everyday…it doesn’t matter if it’s in the gym, your job, at home, or in the kitchen…Practice it daily. No excuses. No days off.

Entry Way & Bathroom FloorsThe main entrance to the Box will be out of order tomorrow due to the cement floors getting stained. Please plan to use the front far south door to enter. The bathrooms may or may not be usable tomorrow. Plan your potty breaks before or after you WOD. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for…

Strength: 12 Min EMON
Odd 1 Pwr Snatch 2x OHS @ %70 1 RM  

** Do not go above percentage, work mechanics speed-skill-footwork
Even 5x Strict ring dips or Bar dips

Snatch 105/73 95/63 85/55
Double Unders * Singles

*Team cool down: Coaches choice 5-7 min

Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level
Do  Strength  and WOD  then: 

Rest recover 8min then:
Power Clean 175/113 155/93 115/63
Mountain Climbers
Pull ups

3 Rds Not for time of:
10 GHD Situps
3 TGU ea side

Watt Bike or Row for 6-8 minutes at 65-75%

CF Endurance:
Bike 4x5000M rest 1:1


5×2 Clean + 1 Jerk @80-90% 


3 Rds of:
8x Push press 115/83
250M row “as close to a sprint as possible”
Rest 1 minute

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