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Layne Burpee Box jumps Hes ready for the Open

Layne Burpee Box jumps Hes ready for the Open

Open? No, I’m not good enough yet…

Maybe you aren’t strong enough, fast enough or skilled enough to rank in the top 100, or the top 1,000, or the top 10,000. 
Maybe you don’t want to because DUs might show up, or there might be a dreaded burpee workout.
Maybe you just assume the Open is for experienced athletes – not the new guy like yourself.
But none of that matters. It isn’t about how high you rank, or how long you have been hitting the box.
It’s about creating a stronger community through shared pain, shared Fridays-Saturdays and shared victories.
It’s about challenging yourself to try new things, to step it up a level and to be judged by someone on your ROM.
It’s about finding the strength and passion of your inner voice, and in the process surprising yourself with how far past your limits you can fly.
Unless of course you are in contention to make it to the next level. Then it’s all about beating the guy ahead of you…
“Failure after long perseverance is much grander than never to have a striving good enough to be called a failure.” -George Eliot

 Front Desk Profile Photo All LCF members have a Front Desk profile account. If you have not yet taken or uploaded a photo, please do so ASAP. We need to have all athletes with a profile picture so when we enter in Jen to the class, we are entering the correct Jen! Do you know how many Jen’s we currently have? 🙂 To log into Front Desk, If you don’t have a profile, post to comments who you are and I can resend you the welcome email. Thanks!!

New Year New You last supplemental WOD:
Week 6:
Row 750 m
21 Power Cleans 95#/53#
Row 500 m
21 Power Snatches 95#/53#
Row 300 m
21 Thrusters 95#/53#
Row 150 m

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for…

Strength-Skill    * Take 15 minutes to 
5×5 ea leg Front rack Bulgarian Split Squat *- KB or DB.  Find today’s Heaviest
5×3 Strict HSPU –Kip – Box-Band assist * work progression & mechanics

WOD : 4 RFT  
25 Wall Ball  Shots 20/14 14/10 10/8
25  KB Swing 24/16 16/12 12/8kg

*Team cool down:  5-7 min

Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level
Do  Strength-Skill  and WOD 

Rest recover 8min then: *

18 Min EMOM * Best with a partner
Odd min  3 Bar Muscle Ups “UB” * Work smooth technique out put management
Even min  1 x 3 position HHang-Hang- Full Snatch  135/83 * Add/Scale as needed for stimulus

Watt Bike or Row for 8-12 minutes at 65-75% 

CF Endurance:


5,3,2  Bench Press @85-95% 1 RM


3 rounds
1x Clean 8x Press

:45 sec Bike sprint 
Rest 1 Min repeat

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