Wednesday 131218

Barb working her Hand stand walking skill

Barb working her Hand stand walking skill

LCF 2nd Annual New Years Eve Throwdown 2013 – It is that time again…..A time to look back at what you have accomplished this past year and get ready for bigger and better accomplishments for the upcoming year (* In our New Built Box). With that said, find a partner for this years New Year Eve Throwdown at LCF. One male and female athlete will make a team and all teams will go head to head to become the champions who will hold the TROPHY for the year. Next year, we will do it again and see if those who hold the trophy can defend their title for the 2015 year!  $20 buy in per team. There will be RX and Scaled divisions. Along with the trophy bragging rights there will also be cash prizes. For now, start putting together your teams. List your team name and team members on the signup sheet. If anyone is looking for a partner, put your name on the sheet and we can help find you a partner! Come have some fun and Throw..It … Down..

2nd Annual Holiday Ugly Sweater WOD – Mark you calendars and start getting your Grandma’s Uncle twice removed ugly sweater out of storage for our Ugly Sweater WOD.
Saturday December 21st. Prizes will be awarded to the Ugliest Sweater.

The Inch by Inch Challenge Winner will also be announced on Saturday!!

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for…

Skill: Rope Climb Legless.
Watch video and learn then come in and work your skill.

WOD “Torque″ 
4 Rounds For Time of:
2  Legless Rope Climb 3m-or 10ft  *Scale: 12 Strict Chin ups * Bands
15 GHD Sit Ups or T2Bar, athlete’s choice

Cash Out:  12 days of Christmas *(This is not for time but for quality & fun, athletes share BB equipment ect)
12 T2Bar

10 Wall Ball Shots  20/14
90 Double Unders * 180 Single
8 Dead Lifts @ BW
7 Back Squats @ BW
6 Burpees

Team cool down: 500 m easy row or 400 m run
Banded/Lacrosse ball hip/posterior chain mobility-Thoracic Spine Mobility

 CF Endurance:
Row 4x1000m  (Keep it smooth steady pulls) 1:1 Rest

12 Min ACASAP (As Clean as Smooth as Possible)
10 KB Swings 32/24Kg
200m Run

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