Wednesday 131127

Challenge Participants! It’s easy to come up with excuses about why you should not do something.  Enjoy Thanksgiving, but come Friday remember your long term goals and no more excuses for why you couldn’t get to the box that day, or why your meals are not planned out (planning out my meals are to time consuming Blah blah blah)… Make it happen!! You’ll love the results and the way you feel!!

Thanksgiving Day Turkey Burner  8a WOD ONLY! We will open up at 0730 so you can come get warmed up, get your mobility work on, etc. Warm up and WOD will start at 8am. Plan for a little over an  hour and then you can go home and feast! We hope you all will come out and start your day of Thanks with your Letrono Family!!

Friday we will only be holding a 0530a and 7a class!

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for…

WOD: “VO2”
Run 8x400m Rest 2:1

10 Pullups
20 ATG Squats
25M KB Farmer Carry  Red/ Green Green/Blue Blue/Yellow

Team Cool Down Row and Shoulder, Hip and Ankle Mobility.



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