Tuesday 180102

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We wish you all a great year filled with PR’s, friendship good health and happiness!

WODIFY is up and running. You will need to log into the class you are attending by using your mobile device or when you arrive to class, use the Kiosk that is set up, then DON’T FORGET to LOG your RESULT’s for your future fitness journal and reference!!!

Nutrition Challenge 2018 – Are you ready to make a change? Have you decided 2018 is the year to clean up your plate, fuel your WOD’s and be ready for The Open?? If so, sign up for Letrono’s 2018 New Year Nutrition Challenge! Sign up list is on the community board, and a info and Kick Off Meeting will be this Thursday night January 4th at 8:00 p.m. Cost will be $149, which includes your Inbody before and after testing.
Any questions ask Troy, Jamie or Angi 😊

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare  for..

A. Strength:
3 X 18 Back Squats
**As we have been doing, warm up with sets of 6 ish reps, until the first set of 18

B. WOD :
3 Rounds for time of: (18 min cap)
60 Air Squats
30 Knee to Elbow
30 Ring Push Ups

**Scale ring push up to push ups on dumbbells, then ground, etc. Preferred scaling is not to knees but rather to hands on a box, or band supported.

Warm Down:
Mobility: posterior hip distraction, couch stretch, smash adductors
Mobility: foam roll/lax ball to lats, serratus, posterior shoulder, 15 min

C. Above and Beyond:
 2 rounds for time of:
60 cal row, rest 3 min
50 cal row, rest 2:30
40 cal row, rest 2 min
30 cal row, rest 1:30
20 cal row, rest 3 min

Repeat each once more.

Notate times, and meters rowed each set. This will take 40 min. Perform in a separate session if possible.

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