Tuesday 171219

Christmas Holiday Schedule: 
Saturday – Regular Hours
Sunday – 9a WOD
Monday – CLOSED
Tuesday – Regular Hours

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare  for..

A. Strength:
Back Squat
Find a heavy set of 14
No more than 4 working sets.

B. WOD: “Clean the Gym”
For time of:
Power clean 95/65 75/55 65/35
DB clean 50/35 40/25 30/15
KB Clean B/Y, Y/O

DB and KB Clean are total reps, not each arm.


C. Above and Beyond:

C rotate for 4 sets, as rehab/recovery.

C1 single arm bent row, 8-10 each arm

C2 single leg deadlift, 8 – 10 each leg

C3 single arm high pull, 10 each arm. Light.

8 Rds
OH Carry x 50M @ 1.2x body weight
Turkish get-up x 1 ea (red/green)


8 x 100 yd gassers (2 sprints down and back on green)
:30 sec hollow rock
Rest 1 min repeat

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