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Halloween PARTY/LIFT OFF on Friday October 27th starting at 530p.

Lift Off – Max Deadlift and Clean…All skill levels
Prizes will be awarded for the:
1. Best couple/group costume
2. Most original 
3.Most Creative

Pot luck: bring your favorite soup/salad/dessert. Sign up sheet will be hanging up so you can sign up for something.

More info to come!! Mark your calendars now so you and your families can attend!

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare  for..

A. Strength:

A: 25 min. Alternate for 3 working sets. Rest 90-120 sec between movements

A1: Deadlift, 3 X 10, Drop and Go

Emphasis here is speed on the pull, while still maintaining quality of position.

A2: Max rep strict pull up in 30 seconds. (May come off bar during the 30 sec)

Scale, leg assisted pull up with kids bar or ring pull up


10-15 Air Squats
30 Single Unders OR 20 Double Unders OR 10 Triple Unders
*Pick something that you won’t trip more than once on, and get through it and back to the squats.

rest 3 min and repeat.


C. Above and Beyond:
5 sets
500m row @2K PR pace
Rest  45 sec between sets. This is not intended to be easy, but manageable.

D: Alternate for 3 sets each, rest as needed
D1: Banded march, front loaded (20-30 lbs) 2 min 

D2: Supine grip barbell row, 8-10 @10×1. Try to get the barbell all the way to the chest.

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