Tuesday 170704

WOD’s today at 7a and 9a ONLY

WOD: “Lumberjack 20″ (Modified for July 4)

In teams of 3, 40min AMRAP

40 deadlifts,                       275/195

40 KBS                                   Red/Green

40 OHS                                  115/85

40 burpees

40 chest to bar

40 box jump                       24/20

40 DB Squat cleans          45/30

*Run 400m after each movement (7 total), the team needs one 50/35lb slam ball to carry. They may trade the ball as needed during the run. Scale as needed

**Break up reps as desired. No requirement for resting partners.


Above and Beyond:

Be sure to note your reps, as we will be retesting these at a later time.

Rest as needed between efforts

1 min max rep pistol, alternating

30 second max rep pistol, one leg

30 seconds of pistols on the other leg

1 min max rep box jump up and down

1 min max rep box jump up step down

1 min max rep box step up and down

Take note of reps, and how each feels relative to the others. Heartrate, leg fatigue, etc.

2×1 min max burpee, normal burpees, hands touch above head, feet have to get off ground. No other requirements.


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