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4th of July Hours – 7a and 9a ONLY!

July = HERO MONTH. Do a minimum of 19 WOD’s and get an epic Letrono CrossFit Hero T-shirt. Watch for the WOD tracking board where you will track your WOD’s.

Kidney for Coach
– For many of you the name Lindsay Hassel is a familiar name in the Utah CrossFit Community. Lindsay is the Head Coach at CrossFit the Club in South Ogden. Lindsay is in Stage 5 Kidney Failure and is undergoing a kidney transplant with his wife as the donor, this week. Read more about Coach Lindsay. http://www.crossfittheclub.com/kidney-for-coach/

We would like to help support Lindsay and his family by honoring them during our JULY HERO Month. We will be accepting donations at the end of HERO Month and we will make one big donation from Letrono CrossFit. For those of you who will complete 19 or more WOD’s, you can donate $25 for your EARNED T-Shirt and we will donate that to the Hassel family :-)

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility

Prepare to for..

For Time, 3 Rounds
15 power snatch
10 overhead squat
5 striking combos (2, 3, Roundhouse kick)

3 Rounds
15 push press
10 cal ski
5 striking combos 

75/55 . Move fast.

This is an individual workout. Combos are done either in the air or on the bags.

* Scale accordingly to maintain consistency of good mechanics, while applying intensity through rounds.   Ask your coach for help.



C: Alternate for 3 sets
C1: Front Rack Box Step Up, increase weight or reps from last time.
C2: Seated Arm over Arm sled pull, 2 strap lengths. Be sure to try to disengage upper trap.

 D: 3 sets
D1: Lateral box step up, 10 reps
D2: Half kneeling single arm press, 8-10 reps

Crossover Symmetry recovery

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