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CF Level 2. Coach AngI and Jamie

CF Level 2. Coach AngI and Jamie

Congrats to  Coach Jamie and Angi for completing there CrossFit Level 2. We are very lucky at LCF to have “6” CF Level 2 coaches on staff now. 

USAW Mike Carol 2 hour Snatch Clinic

“USAW” Olympic Lifting Clinic June 3rd 2017 0900-1100 $35.00 per Athlete
USAW Coach Mike Carrol will be putting on a “Snatch” Clinic. The first 30 athletes. Sign sheet will be on the community board.
There is 12 slots left of the 30.

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

Snatch & Clean & Jerk 

12 Minute EMOM of:

Power Snatch, pause at receiving position, + OHS
Advance lifters: Add one additional squat snatch.
Looking for a technically sound, but heavy lift. Climbing lbs only with technique.


8 sets of E2MOM of: (Every 2 minutes  complete) 
3 Position Clean + 1 Jerk
Mid thigh hang, Top of knee cap, Below knee.
Technically sound but heavy.Climbing lbs only with technique.
*To be clear, all positions of 3 SQUAT cleans are performed, then 1 jerk at the end.

* Scale weight accordingly to maintain consistency and good mechanics throughout all lifts.  Ask your coach for help.



Tempo Front squats. 4 sets, 4-5 reps @42X1. 4 second negative, 2 second pause at bottom, explode, 1 second reset at top.

For Time:

54 Double Under
27 Dead Lift 135/95
54 DU
27 Power clean and Jerk 95/65
54 DU
27 Thruster 75/55
54 DU
27 Power snatch 75/55
54 DU
27 Overhead squat 75/55
One barbell…17 minute time cap. 

These weights are light enough that excuses to rest are removed. Get the work done.

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