Tuesday 170509

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

Kettlebell Clean and Jerk

With a partner, alternating rounds, approx 20 min. Goal is 2 min per round.
10 Rounds for time of:
300/200 row
5 Kettlebell Clean and Jerk each arm, not alternating ( Partners choice lbs)
5 Striking combos. (Coaches choice ) Bring striking gloves or gloves

* Scale movement/reps accordingly to maintain consistency of good mechanics through intensity.  Ask your coach for help.



A. Alternate between 1 and 2

A1. Tall Clean + Clean from mid thigh + clean from knee.
Emphasis is speed under the bar. Build to a heavy but technical lift.

A2. 4 Dumbbell split jerk, 2 each leg, pause for 2 seconds at receiving to check position. If you are out of position, adjust, hold, then recover.
This is technique work. Go as heavy as you are comfortable and technical.

B 6 min bike test.
Set the clock on the bike, not the gym clock. 6 min bike. Record Ave RPM, Watts, total distance, cals, all the metrics that it brings up. Go hard, but don’t start too hard.

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