Tuesday 170425

We are adding another class…..Saturday’s at 8a we are adding a “Skill Class”. This is an open class for anyone that has “goats” (weaknesses), they are wanting to work on and master. There will be a coach there to help you with progressions, techniques, cues, etc.. If you are trying to master the kipping pull up, double unders or ring muscle ups, etc this is the hour that you can spend working on it! We will still have the 8a Striking class too!

Thursday at 615p will be 30 minutes of Striking followed by 30 minutes of YOGA. 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

WOD: “Front Row”
Front Squat – Heavy Single

High Hang Squat Clean – Heavy Single
Squat Clean – Heavy Single

Intent:  Find a balance between our load, or intensity, and technique with the heavy singles. This “sweet spot” is where we see the most progress in our fitness.



1. Strength

Squat Snatch 5×3
Perfect reps only
Triples can be successfully done between 60 and 90%.
Cleaning up movement should not exceed 70%. If the movement feels good make your way into the 80’s.

5 Rounds:
Row 1 min for Max Calories
Rest 3:00
Shoot for a PR every round. There is enough rest that there is no excuse not to try and break the rower each round.

3. Accessory
Romanian Deadlift
Keep these very slow and controlled on the way down, and be aggressive on the way up.


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