Tuesday 170328

Congrats to Jeremy and Crystal W for winning the prize basket for showing SPIRIT each and every Friday over the last 5 weeks!

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

Strength: (Retest)
In a 6 Minute Window:
Find your Misfit Squat Endurance Score
3 Sets of Max Rep Front Squats at 55% of 1RM
(Barbell comes from ground.)
Set 1 = 3 points per rep completed
Set 2 = 2 points per rep completed
Set 3 = 1 point per rep completed
2nd set starts when you drop the barbel on the first set, etc. If you get 30 front
squats the first set, you get 90 points, second 20 squats 40 points, third 10
squats equals 10 points for a total of 150 points.

2 Rounds For Time:
Row 50/40 Calories
50 Wallballs 20/14lbs
25 Handstand Push-Ups

* Scale weight, rep scheme and movement accordingly to maintain intensity with good mechanics through decent.  Ask your coach for help.



Immediately Following WOD:
7 Minutes to Find 1RM Clean and Jerk.

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