Tuesday 170321

This Friday marks the end of another year of 5 weeks of the CF Open! As we close out this year’s open, We hope that you have made yourselves proud. We believe that everyone had a PR in some shape or form…. We saw those that were skeptical to register, did so and were impressed by THEIR fitness….We saw those that earned their first bar muscle up, not just one but a few more before time was up…..We saw those that competed with their first RX WOD….and those that we new to CrossFit and enjoyed the torture each week and kept coming back for more. Thanks to all of you who participated, encouraged and judged!! With this being the last week, we want to celebrate with the “End of the Open” by having a BBQ on Friday during the last Friday Throwdown. We will be providing the meat, you all bring a side dish to share. This last week the theme is Americana, we expect to see a sea of Red, White and Blue.  

Play-care help needed on Wednesday’s at 10am. If you are interested or know someone who might be, contact Sara at 801-620-0595. 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

4×4 Back Squat (Start around 80%) SLIGHTLY HEAVIER THAN last week.

AMRAP 8 Minutes

5 Front Squats 225/145lbs, 185/105, 135, 75
3 Rope Climbs OR 1 PEG BOARD

* Scale weight, rep scheme and movement accordingly to maintain intensity with good mechanics through decent.  Ask your coach for help.


Who is this for? Read the following out loud:
I will finish in the top 20 in my region, state or box, not the top 30, 100, or 500. The top 20. – Do you believe it? If so, have at it. If not, you know how we feel about intensity vs. volume. Work your ass off on 1-4 and be done.

6 Rounds:

10/8 Calories on Bike
10 Strict Pull Ups
Rest :60

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