Tuesday 161206

Equipment Sale:
At the end of December. We will be selling SOME of the following equipment to our community, so we can update and replace some of the equipment that may sale.  

Bar Bells 45-33-15 lbs  
Bumper plates  10-15-25 lbs
Wall Balls 20-14-10-8 lbs
Kettle Bells 53-36 lbs

***See Troy regarding what equipment is available and the cost or send an email to info@letronocrossfit.com and I will make sure it gets to Troy. Be sure to indicate what you are interested in and a contact number.

T-Shirts and Hoodies – Order forms will be up today. In order to meet the Christmas deadline there will be a short turn around on pre-orders, Thursday  end of business so the order can go in on Friday. The T’s and hoodies are available in YOUTH sizes too. If you prefer, you can email me at info@letronocrossfit.com to place your order by the deadline.

Ladies Raglan T

Men's t-Shirt

Men’s Raglan T

Ladies Hoodie

Men's Hoodie

Men’s Hoodie (the writing will be red, not black)

Letrono CrossFit Embroidered Beanie

Letrono CrossFit Embroidered Beanie

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

3 Rounds:
AMRAP 5 Minutes
Row 1k/800m
Max D-Ball or Stone over shoulder in remaining time
Rest 3:00
(Choose a weight you can do over and over)
*Scale weight and movement accordingly to maintain intensity with good mechanics.  Ask your coach for help.


ABOVE AND BEYOND, FOR THOSE WHO WANT MORE WORK AND HAVE TIME…..( Cool down is a must. Accessory work is your option per athlete goals and time)
After completing above, Please choose ONE of the following based on perceived weaknesses.

Deadlift 1-1-1 @90%+ of 1RM

For Time:
8 Legless Rope Climbs
1600m Ski
24 Burpee Muscle Ups


EMOM for 10 Minutes:
1 Misfit Snatch Complex @ 70%+ of 1RM
You can build throughout sets.

Just Work
6 Rounds:
Bike 1k
1:1 Rest

Accumulate 6:00 of Kettlebell Farmer’s Carry
10 Minute Cap.



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