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Week 1 of the CrossFit Open!!! There is still time (3 days to be exact) to register if you have not yet. Here is what you can expect for the next 5 weeks:
Fantasy CrossFit – $5 buy in and choose who you think will be the winner of each of the 5 Open Announcements, week 5 has 3 contenders, list who you think will take 1st, 2nd and 3rd. He/she who has the most correct guesses in the 5 weeks wins the pot of cash. Coach Lane will be keeping score and the money safe until the end of week 5 where the winner will be announced at the last Throwdown/BBQ. Click the link to print off your score card to bring to the box. Fantasy CrossFit CF Open 2016  We will have a limited supply of the score cards at the Box!!

Thursday Night Streaming of the Open Announcement at 6pm Sharp. Each week we will have a projector set up so we can view the announcement of that weeks workout and then watch the two athletes go head to head. Yoga will be held at 7p after the announcement and it will be geared towards getting your body ready for Friday’s movements. Regular WOD times on Thursday, we won’t be cancelling any class times :-)

Teams – We are putting together the teams for the 5 weeks. Teams will be written on the board at the gym no later than Tuesday. The current nutrition challenge teams will remain as teams (Team Troy, Team Angi, Team Jamie) and we will be adding people to their teams and adding a 4th team  so each team will have 20-25 people on each team. The 4th teams is going to be headed up by Coach MINDY!! 
Each team will compete against one another for TEAM SPIRIT and PARTICIPATION. Each team member can earn 2 points per week by 1 – Attending the Friday night throwdowns and 2 – if they are in team spirit for the week (defined below). If you are in your team spirit attire during the WOD times, you will need to have the coach assign you a point. Team captains will keep track of how many of their team members participated and will get their team numbers to Mindy. 
Friday WOD’s – Every Friday we will be doing the CF Open WOD at all class times. The Throwdown will be at the 615p WOD class time and will go until everyone has competed who came to compete. We would love to see as many of you there as possible competing!!!  This event is BRING YOUR OWN CHAIR :-)
WE want you to have enough time to prepare for each week and to put your creative thinking hats on… so here is what each week TEAM Spirit Week looks like:
Weekly Themes for TEAM SPIRIT WEEK:
Week 1 – Crazy Socks 
Week 2 – Hats and Headbands
Week 3 – Super Hero
Week 4 – 80’s
Week 5 – Patriotic
Get your crazy socks ready to be worn on Friday during all class times!! Random prizes will be given out. Points will be earned for your team IF you wear your crazy socks to WOD in at any class time. 
Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare for..
“CrossFit Games Open 14.4”
Complete as many rounds and repetitions as possible in 14 minutes of:
60 Calories of Rowing
50 Toes to Bar
40 Wall Ball Shots RX 20/14  14/10 10/8 lbs to a 10′ Target Male /14 lbs to a 9′ Target Females.
30 Power Cleans RX 135/95 115/73 95/55 75/35
20 Muscle-Ups /C2Bar + Dips / Pullups + dips /Ring rows+ dips 

 Rest 5 min, and then…

Three rounds for time of: 14 min cut off:

10 Strict Handstand Push-Ups/ Kipping/ Progression
15 Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups /Pull-ups /Ring Rows
20 Alternating Pistols /Progression

40-Foot Backward Straddle Scoot: 5min Cut off

*Scale weight, movements and reps as needed for progression and smooth speed through A-B & C to fully recovery in the 5 minutes breaks. Ask your coach for help.
Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level: recover,hydrate 6-8 mins after above WOD, then:
Three sets of:
Tuck Rock to Tuck Sit x 15 reps

Rest 60 seconds
followed by…
Bottom Balance Complex x 60 seconds

*Prepare for Open 2016

One thought on “Tuesday 160223

  1. following current as of today

    A 213. i can’t find my previous score for this, but when it was released in the open I got 190. I’m not stoked on this, but I’m pleased because though it’s only a 23 rep difference, I know I wasn’t working as hard today as I was then. got to the MU around the same time, I remember, but didn’t feel thrashed. took about 3 min to get them, and just moved through smoothly
    B 7:54, did hspu to 3″ deficit felt good. pleased with this.
    C done. did 2×20′ for the first part and 3×10 on the middle part. hip flexors are retarded weak, and no active range at end range.

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