Tuesday 150210

WOD 30

Why I’m Doing the Open – Jamie Stromberg

Age: 37
Occupation: Homemaker; Coach @ Letrono
Family: Married w/ 5 kids
WODS per week: 4-5

1. How many years have you been CrossFitting? I have been CrossFitting since April 2011

2. How many years have you done the Open? This will be my 4th year.  My first year was 2012.

3. Why did you choose to compete in the Open?  The first year that I choose to compete in the Open, I did so because I was encouraged to sign up by my coach.  I didn’t really understand what I was getting in to, but I had a blast pushing myself each week to levels that I didn’t think I was capable of.  It was really fun to be a part of the community.  I remember anxiously awaiting the release of the workouts each week and then planning and strategizing how I would attack each workout.  I compete in the Open now for the same reasons, to push myself, to be a part of something that people all over the world are a part of.  I do it because it’s fun and I like to see where my training gets me each year.

4. Were you able to do all the workouts? Yes

5. What is your favorite part about the Open? The excitement that is in the year when as a box we come together to give it our best in each workout.

6. Are you doing to compete again this year? Yes

7. Anything else you want to mention?  If you haven’t signed up yet, just do it.  It’s a lot of fun and you will learn a lot about yourself in the process!


Thrusters 95/63, 65/43, 45/23
air squats
wall balls 20/14, 14/10, 10/8

Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level:
8 min amrap
7 Front squats 175/125
14 Burpees over the bar

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