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NYE 2012 Throwdown

NYE 2012 Throwdown

Anyone that wants to come train & do all the events can!! We will team you up & scale WODS to fit you & your Team we put together.
Come early registration is at 0730-0800…Sign up heat time on board… Get warmed up and “Prepare for Glory”

Remember $20.00 a Team (cash preferably) I saw the Trophies & they are Way Bad Ass!! Your team name & athletes will be engraved on it, along with Prize $$.

Share the Suck Week – January 6th thru 11th. Bring your friends and family for the entire week. IF they sign up by the end of the week, they will get their ON RAMP for FREE and $99.00 a month unlimited for 90 days!! That is a $93 dollars savings to help them start out there CrossFit journey and new year right!!!

Six week nutritional challenge starts Monday January 6th. Sign up for the challenge will take place Saturday January 4th at the box starting at 0800. Details for the challenge will be posted on our website this Thursday . This is a great opportunity to detox from the holidays , jump start your new year, and to get ready for the upcoming 2014 Crossfit Open.

Looking for a challenge that will keep you going longer than 6, 8, 12 weeks? If so, we have a year long challenge that some of us will be participating in. Look at  Troy’s Year Long Nutrition Challenge posted below. If you are on the fence, come to the meeting on Tuesday following the competition to hear all of the details and then decide:

“Troy’s Year Long Nutrition Challenge”
Follow the Clean Eating format
No buy in
$1200 buy out.  If you quit, it will be expensive.
Cash Penalty for violations of the rules.  ** All money collected at the end of the year will go to charity.
Monthly meeting 
Monthly challenge
1 “Treat day” per week
Details will be decided upon by the majority of the group moving forward.
Group will meet Tuesday December 31st after NYE 2014 THROWDOWN  (see Troy to make arrangements if you cant make it) 

Tuesday 31 – NYE 2014 Throwdown 8-11am!!! Find your partner or we will match you up!! GET SIGNED UP! We were done last Year in 1.5 hours
Wednesday 12:00-2:00pm OPEN GYM with Taylor – NO CLASSES…… Happy New Year 2014

 – Regular schedule

New Year’s Eve ThrowDown 2014..

WOD1: Past

Skill: 4min per Team once they start to complete 1A- 1B
1A– AMRAP 30/30 sec GHD Situp w/8/4 Wall-Ball back to  a Pad bumper
         *GHD situp or On floor feet anchored DB w/ball #8/4
1B– 2 attempts per athlete at Broad jump

Speed: 1min to Complete
For time Sled push down and back on turf 

Strength: (Athletes move over to west side of gym (time to change shoes put on wght belt ect)
3A- Thruster Ladder Male-Female BB line every minute advance Wght in BB ladder.
*Male starts @ 75- 85-95-105-115-125-135-145-155-165-175-185-195-205-215-225-
*Female starts @ 45-55-63-73-83-93-103-113-123-133-143-153-163-173-183-193
RX start at 105/73..
Novice Start at 95/63.. 

WOD: 2Present

3x Snatch or Power #105/63 85/53 * special scale 75/45 just in case
5x Burpee pull-ups / Burpee K2E
20x DU /40x singles
**Teams cannot advance until P1 has completed movements 1 athlete working at a time.


WOD: 3Future
7min AMRAP

3x Clean or Pwr 155 /93 -115-105/63-55 *4reps at 105/55 *special scale 85/45 just in case
4x Walking barbell lunge* Front rack
3x Clean
4x Walking barbell lunge * Front rack
Calorie row ( in case of a tie highest # calorie team rowed decides winner of the NYE 2103 ThrowDown)
P-1 starts round while P-2 rows
P-1 finishes clean walking lunge partners then switch. 

Standards of ROM will be covered, will adjust all movements in WODs as need to to be able to clearly judge movement & for fun suck factor..


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