Tuesday 130625

Ragnar Team LCF/Race CrossFit

Ragnar Team LCF/Race CrossFit

Ragnar 2013 is in the books. This year we had two teams with one of them being shared with RACE CrossFit. If you are interested in running in 2014, we will be signing up teams. To save your spot on a team you will need to pay ahead of time. See the whiteboard for more details. Next up, Spartan!

Wednesday – Oly Lifting with Andi at 6p. If you have not signed up for the Olympic Lifting class, you still can. We have added an additional class on Wednesday at 6p in addition to Saturday at 10am.

YOGA – NO YOGA on Saturday…Yoga goes Spartan!

Prepare for..

Strength:  In Teams of 2
Strict Press
Seated Box Jump (progressive in height)

3 Rounds For time:
10 Power Cleans  #155/113 135/93 115/73
60 Double Unders
10 Explosive Clapping Push ups Toes on 45lb bumper

End with 800 m Run or 1k Row

Cash out 10 KB TGU

Team cool down, light row, bike, run. PNF or Static stretch 5-7min

CF Endurance

Running- 5xAdams switch back
Running-8xTreadmill sprints TABATA

Planks x 2 min
Lunges x 100




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