Thursday 180111

**Saturday 6a Oly class is being moved to 7a this week only!

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare  for..

A.  WOD:
Partner WOD
17 min AMRAP of:5
50 Air Squats
40 KB Swings G/P P/B B/Y
30 GHD or ABMAT Situps
20 Burpees
10 Pushups

Divide all movements in half, and switch with partner after performing your share. ie, P1 does 25 air squats, then P2 does 25 air squats. P1 does 20 KB swings, then P2 does 20 KB swings and so on. Lighter bells today, to move quickly with perfect form.

Low back, hips and groin

Twisted Cross 2 min each side

Thread The Needle 2 min each side

Quarter Dog 90 sec each side

Sumo Squat 90 sec


6:15 -Striking

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