Thursday 170727

# Squad/Squat Goals….How are you feeling after 300 Air Squats? I heard a lot of moaning during the warm-up when the coach said to do 10 jumping air squats….

Pine-view Beach Day is on hold for now. Saturday August 12th will NOT be our Annual Beach WOD. We will let you know ASAP when it will be rescheduled. 

Today, 615p Striking 30-40 minutes and  20 minutes of Stretching!!

Saturday Schedule:
6a – Oly  Class
7a – WOD
8a — Striking WOD
8a – Skills class (Come in and work a goat, strength, etc)

9a –WOD

Sunday Schedule:
9a — WOD

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

WOD – “Fran Ski’s with a Buddy”
Partner WOD
Thrusters 95/65 75/55 65/45
Ski Erg for cals

P1 will do 21 Thursters then P2 will do 21 Thrusters. P1 will do 21 pull-ups, then P2 will do 21 pull-ups. P1 will do 21 cals on the Ski Erg, then P2 will do 21 cals on Ski Erg. Continue on through the 15’s and 9’s

* Scale reps/cals accordingly to maintain good mechanics, consistency  and intensity throughout.   Ask your coach for help.

RomWOD: 18- 22 Minute  


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