Thursday 170406

Partner WOD Week....Who Wore it Better?

Partner WOD Week….Who Wore it Better?


Who Wore it Better

Who Wore it Better? Sheri & Jenn or Nate & Travis

The Partner WOD Spirit is getting real at 530am! On Monday the Swole Sister’s made an appearance, Wednesday the “other Swole Sisters” showed up making a great partner celebrity look alike. The best part of these 4 peeps, is that they didn’t know the others were up to the same game and they all showed up on Wednesday as the each other!!! 

Partner WOD winner/Spirit for Wednesday goes to Nate & Travis. Nate rocked the sports bra and Travis’s eyelashes were on fleek!

NO YOGA this week!

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

“Balls in the Boat”

Partner Wod
13 min AMRAP
10 Slam Balls
200m Row
P1 completes a full round while P2 rests then they switch

ROMWOD: 18- 22 Minute  

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