Thursday 170302

CF Open Week 2 Spirit Theme is Accessorize!! Don’t know what that looks like…..Look at the picture above! We have 2 more Rogue gift cards to the two people who can rock the accessories!!

See  you tonight for the viewing of the 17.2 at 6pm to view it on the big screen!

YOGA at 7:15p with Sara B

Heat times for Friday Night Lights are on the whiteboard, sign up for a time to throwdown 17.2 on Friday evening!!

As a reminder, A few rules:
IF you don’t do the WOD during the class time or at the Throwdown on Friday’s, YOU will need to arrange for a judge who is “certified” for the time that you will be doing the WOD. Example, if you need to do the WOD on Saturday, you are on your own to find a judge (all judges are listed on the community board). IF, you choose to video your workout, your video will need to be sent to Troy or Sara to be judged prior to submitting. Lastly, ALL judging sheets must be turned in at the end of your WOD to be validated. If we don’t have your sheet, we won’t validate your score. YOU need to submit your own score via the games site at  If you have any questions regarding any of this, please see Troy or Sara. 

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

4 Rounds
30 sec on 30 off
ME Assault Bike
ME Ring Push Ups
ME Jumping Squats
ME Sit Ups
1 min Rest in between rounds

ROMWOD: 18- 22 Minute  Get your Flexi and Swole on for 17.2

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