Thursday 170223

There are several of you who have not yet joined our team, see below how to go in and do it. 

We can’t go in and pull you to our team, the ATHLETES WILL NEED TO JOIN THEMSELVES. BE SURE TO SPREAD THE WORD.

Below are the steps to join your affiliate’s team after completing the registration process. You’ll find the option on your  Competition Dashboard. You will need to sign in with your CrossFit ID if you aren’t logged into the site already.

  1. Click the Edit link next to Team (this should bring up a list of all teams associated with your affiliate)
  2. Choose the team you would like to join and then click Join

For more information, please follow  this link.

Get Signed up for your Heat Friday on the White Board.  Best of luck with the Open and we look forward to seeing you “ALL”on the Leaderboard!

See  you tonight for the viewing of the 17.1 at 6pm to view it on the big screen! You can turn in your bracket sheets and $5 too!!!

YOGA at 7:15p with Sara B

Dynamic Warm-Up – Mobility
Prepare to for..

WOD:”Death by Triplets”
P1 15 m Sprint
P2 Bike for Cals
P3 Ski for Cals
5 min Rounds at each event rest the remainder of the min.
Min 1) 3 sprints/cals
Min 2) 6 sprints/cals
Min 3) 9 sprints/cals
Min 4) 12 sprints/cals
Min 5) 15 Sprint/cals
1 min Rest and Rotate to next event

* Pace well to maintain out put through out Intervals.  Ask your coach for help.

ROMWOD: 18- 22 Minute  Get your Flexi and Swole on for 17.1




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