Thursday 150625

Perfect Bar’s are in and available to purchase individually or by the box. Individually they are 2.75 per bar or by the box of 8 for $20.

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility

Prepare for..

WOD Run. Jump. Burp.
Run 600m
100 Double unders
21 Burpees
Run 600m
100 Double unders
15 Burpees
Run 600m
100 Double unders
9 Burpees


Prioritizing shoulder mob. What to fix first, & Wii mob | Feat. Kelly Starrett | MobilityWOD


Tight Shoulders? Clean up your lats. | Feat. Kelly Starrett | MobilityWOD




Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level:
REST, MOBILITY, RECHARGE….. Mental game plan for 15.2 Granite Games  WOD

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