Thursday 150219

CF Open 13.2

Throw Back Thursday – CrossFit Open 2013, week 2 (Open 13.2)

Bring your Friend Week – We have seen lots of new faces this week! We want to entice your friends with a special to not WAIT to get started! If you friends sign up no later than Saturday the 21st, we are offering their first month and On Ramp for $99!!! Let your friends know about our special, if you have any questions, contact Sara (aka Grizz) or Troy! As a reminder, all On Ramp classes must be pre-scheduled. 

The Open begins Feb. 26. Register here. Spend the $20 and you won’t be disappointed!!! 

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for..

WOD: “Partner WOD”
5 RFT:
P-1 row 250
P-2 OH Plate hold 45/25 35/15 25/10
**meters only count while partner has plate in over head position

MWOD: Lower extremity basics.





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