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Nutrition Challenge Info – I am working on getting a link set up so you can print off the details of the challenge, until then I posted below the details along with what week 1 looks like. Remember, Week 1 starts on Monday January 5th!

Challenge of Elimination: Join Us If You Dare!!!
Letrono Crossfit Nutrition Challenge Jan 5th-Mar 28th 2015

This nutrition challenge approaches fueling from a very different angle than past challenges.
While we still think a Paleo style of eating is the best pathway to optimal health and
performance both in the immediate and the long term, we also acknowledge that changing the
way you eat is a journey. It is our experience that athletes transition the way they eat not in
just 30 or 60 days, but overtime as they experience new challenges, realizations, personal
experiences, successes and failures. Of course, the deeper commitment, the greater the results
but you gotta start somewhere. The food we eat usually falls somewhere in the spectrum of
“worst stuff you could ever put in your body” to nutrient rich fuel that makes you feel and
perform at your potential. This 12 week, 12 level challenge is group and point-based and
structured around that view and perspective of the food journey. Not only does every person
have a somewhat unique relationship with food, but also different goals, lifestyles, food skills,
and many other connections to what they eat. This challenge allows each athlete to
progressively work into each level slowly and increase their commitment with each level. This
journey will be shared with others in your group who have chosen to suffer with you 🙂 This will
help them make positive changes with confidence. Included in this packet is:
1) How the challenge works
2) An ordered list of foods, in or eliminated in the twelve (12) levels
3) Additional allotted points and costs
4) Tips to get started and stay on track
5) Resources and Recipes.
6) Support from your class group and CrossFit coach
Challenge Starts Monday, January 5th
Challenge End 12 weeks from start date.
Cost = $55. Sign up by paying no later than January 10th. When you sign up, you will need to
hand your coach your payment in a sealed envelope. Include in the envelope your written goal
for this challenge. We encourage you with to measure yourself before the challenge begins.
There are different methods to do this, including but not limited to, a scale, calipers, body fat
scale, etc. This is not a requirement of the challenge but does give you great base line stats.
There will be other ways to measure success.
Requirements to Participate:
1) Everyone will work their way through the levels, starting with week one all the way up to
week 12. At the beginning of each week you will commit to a new level as well as continue with
the level below.
2) Pay buy-in fee of $55 in a sealed envelope with your challenge goal on the inside and your
name on the outside by January 10th. You may pay by cash, check, or we can charge your
account. Even if you choose to have your account charged we still need a sealed envelope from
you with your goal inside & a note that you would like your account charged.
3) Take some measureable data point either circumference measurements, body fat, metabolic
testing, a before picture, try on a pair of jeans that are snug. One or all of these would suffice.
4) Track daily point’s every day and log them via your own personal journaling method.
5) You will be assigned a group and a coach. The group that you will be in is the time slot that
you mostly work out at. That coach will help, guide, support and hold you accountable through
this journey
How it Works
There are two parts to this challenge. All are mandatory.
Part-One: Make your way through each level consecutively. (1 through 12)
We have made a list of foods that are included or eliminated in each of the twelve levels. Each
challenger will commit to starting with level one and working their way up to level 12 each week
adding on a level. The athlete is then required to follow all the rules or eliminations from that
week’s level, including all levels down to level 1. Each level of commitment has a point allotment
and cost associated with it. If the athlete eats something they are not allowed on the level, they
lose the corresponding number of cost points for the food they ate from their allotment. If a
food choice breaks multiple rules the athlete will lose points based on the highest rule broken.
You can accumulate more points if you live more healthily, including activity, sleep and water
intake. Consistency to the diet, sleep and fitness will pay off. For example, if Athlete A has
made it through to level or week 7, they will have 178 points plus the points they earned over
the first 6 weeks. If during week 7 they eat a cookie (1. eliminate sugar) they will lose 10 points
making their total remaining points 168. If they work out that day, they get +1 point, making that
day -9 points. Athlete A will post in their journal the total points for the day.
Each week you will be allowed one Free Day. This is a 24 hour period in which you are free to
eat as you would like without penalty. For those that choose to forgo their Free Day they will
earn the allotted points for the day as well as +1 point.
Part 2: Daily Tracking of Points
Challengers are required to track their points on a daily basis and report their accumulated daily
points on a weekly basis to their Coach. You could have a negative number, zero or positive point
accumulation for the week. Coaches will need to post athletes scores by the end of each week,
no later than Sunday at 6 pm. This recording system will be helpful to keep everyone
accountable each week. If an athlete gets off track we will see right away and hopefully stop a
runaway train. Challengers are required to keep their points UP TO DATE. The points will be
tallied and turned in to their Coach and posted. Tramgi (Troy, Jamie, Angi) will verify postings and
close postings each week. You can keep your daily points on your phone, journal or date book
and email the points weekly to your Coach so you are not overwhelmed. Cheating is
The team/class with the highest average points will win bragging rights and a fabulous trophy
that will be on display in the Box! The male and female with the highest point totals will also
receive recognition and accolades and a special “Spirit of the Challenge” award will be given as
The List, Buy In and Penalties
The Details of Each Level
+1 point per workout/activity (max 2 per day)
+2 points for 8+ hours of sleep, +1 for 7 hours
+1 for drinking 96-110 ounces of water
Level 1/ Weeks 1 & 2: Eliminate all refined and added sugar [Allotment = 1 Point, Cost = 10
We will be easing you into this challenge. Level 1 eliminations will be for Weeks 1 & 2.
What are the obvious sources of sugar?
Anything with a label that has sugar, cane sugar, organic cane sugar, evaporated cane juice, etc.
Examples include whipped cream, cakes, cookies, pies, baked goods, ice cream, energy bars,
sugar packets, lemonade, chocolate bars, and honey, soda of any kind, and Gatorade and other
sports drinks
What are the hidden sources of sugar? Protein powder, coffee flavorings, some bacons and
sausages, deli meat (especially ham), white bread, fruit juices, yogurt, beef jerky, dried fruits
(most have added sugar), granola, and salad dressings And these count as sugars too: Agave
nectar, honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar And don’t discount fake sugars which have been
proven to cause a similar, if not worse insulin response than real sugar: Diet soda, stevia,
splenda, and any other non-nutritive sweeteners This may include but is certainly not limited to:
– Cane sugar/organic cane sugar, sugar packets, Evaporated cane juice
– Whipped cream
– Corn syrup
– Baked goods such as cookies, cakes, pies, etc)
– Ice cream
– All energy bars (except LaraBars)
– Sweetened Tea
– Lemonade
– All Chocolate
– Honey, maple syrup, agave nectar, molasses
– Soda of any kind (real or diet)
– Gatorade or other sports drinks
– Some bacons and sausages – Deli meat (especially ham)
– Some Breads (read label)
– Fruit juices
– Yogurt (sweetened)
– Beef jerky (homemade without sugar ok)
– Most Dried fruits (most have added sugar)
– Granola
– Salad dressings
– Sauces and marinades I know there are sugar sources we have not mentioned above. Read
labels and get off the crack
*****The only exception to this rule is a high quality Protein/Recovery powder. Progenex
makes a high quality protein powder that we recommend, however if you choose another
protein powder make sure that the ingredients in it are comparable to the ingredients found in

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