Thursday 140918

Proprioception, from Latin proprius, meaning “one’s own”, “individual” and perception, is the sense of the relative position of neighboring parts of the body and strength of effort being employed in movement.–Wikipedia

Proprioception is one of those tricky terms that’s hard to quantify, but you know it when you see it. It’s an understanding of where your body and its appendages are in relation to things around you. Athleticism and proprioception are very similar and intertwined. It’s the dark side of CrossFit’s Ten Attributes of Fitness. The attributes that are hard to measure, test, and train, but are so important for most sports and physical activities. Agility, balance, coordination, accuracy–all neurological in nature–are hallmarks of proprioception. The truly legendary athletes, the Bo Jackson, Magic Johnsons, Sugar Ray Robinsons, Rickson Gracies, Joe DiMaggios, all were (are) absolute masters of proprioception. 

Schedule Changes – Starting this week, we will no longer be offering the 6a SATURDAY WOD. The 6a OLY Lifting class will still be going. Kids Class on Monday’s and Wednesday’s will start at 615p and will end at 7p.

Yes Tonight 7 pm Yoga class- Yogi Sara is back

Happy Birthday this week to…. Mario, Clint and Brittany B! 

No 10am Playcare Attendant until next Thursday. 

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for…

WOD – “Bolto”
5 Rounds of:
Sled Drag  (90/45#)
Start at top of green, Sprint with the sled as fast as possible to the end of the green and continue on “without” the sled out the door and down to the 100m mark
Walk back for rest.
Super Couch
Clearing Hip Impingement
*Competitors or athletes wanting to improve your Fitness level

Do WOD Active Recovery Day. Do YOGA or go swimming,  do the MWOD,  or make up a WOD you missed earlier this week.




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