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Matt J.

Good news….Troy has arrived home from the hospital! Keep Troy in your Prayers as he starts his road to recovery! Justin and Jen Ball are in progress of welcoming their new little bundle of joy into this world. Hopefully there will be photo’s soon of their cute little family! 

Inch by Inch Challenge – Are you in a CrossFit Funk?  Do you need a jump start to help you reach your goals?  Are you looking for ways to stay on track during the holidays?  Then we have the CHALLENGE for you!  We will be starting the 2013 Inch By Inch Challenge on November 4th.  Join us for the kick-off meeting Saturday November 2nd @ 8am.  This will be a 6 week individual challenge with a small twist!  Every person that signs up will need to have a partner that they will be accountable to.  Start finding a partner now. (if you can’t find one we will assign one to you)  Official Rules and Sign-Ups will be posted on the whiteboard Monday morning.  

Barbell For Boobs – We will be Teaming up with Wasatch North CF in hosting Barbell For Boobs on Saturday October 26th.  In honor of our very own cancer survivors at LCF, Lexis and Bev! Bev you are an inspiration to many and a joy to WOD next too, oh yeah and thanks for letting your hubby, Lane drink the Kool-Aid, he is pretty awesome too!  Lexis we love how you come in and give it your all everyday, keep up the great work and thanks for all you bring to LCF.  If you would like to donate for a great cause you can do so at  You can also purchase a B4B T-Shirt at wear for the event!

Dynamic Warm-Up-Mobility
Prepare for…

WOD: “Glide”
Sprints 6x100m *Rest 2min between. Use this time to strectch” Do not go all out until 5-6th sprint

BB Complex 5×3  135/93 or Pick a weight increase by 10lb each set with good mechanics
Front Squat
Military Press
Good Mornings

Team cool down, light row, bike, run, PNF or static stretch 5-7 min   

 Active Recovery Day
A. Mobility and Maintenance ****This should be done daily as well****

*Go see Dr. James Parker, our resident Olympian, CrossFitter and AMIT certified physician at 801-774-0266 Or Alan Kerbs P.T ASTYM  801-896-9624 another resident CrossFitter to accelerate your healing and get rid of aches and pains from working out….”

*Row, Run , Bike for 15-20mins at a pace you can carry on a conversation.

* Spend 10-15 minutes working on your Goats today Double Unders- HSPU- Hollow Rock position.

* Choose 1 Thoracic Mobility Drills from Kelly Starrett’s Supple Leopard book and spend 5-10 minutes with them.

* Choose 1 Upper Extremity Mobility Drills from Kelly Starrett’s Supple Leopard book and spend 5-10 minutes with them.

* Choose 1 Lower Extremity Mobility Drills from  Kelly Starrett’s Supple Leopard book and spend 10-12 minutes with them.

B. Nutrition Preparation

* Ensure that you have quality foods prepared in the appropriate quantities to fuel your efforts for the remainder of the week.

C. Mental Restoration

* Different for everyone – could be meditation or could be gathering with friends; the key is to engage in activities that make your life full and help you
recharge your batteries.

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