Cari, Brock, and Michele


What a great time at the Throw-Down last night and a great way to say farewell to Brock and Cari as they head to Texas and to Aleix as he heads off to the Basic Training! We also raised from our CrossFit community at LCF $538 for Mike and Tasha to help them fight for their little girl Lucy! Congrats to Mike and Tasha on their successful court appearance this week and their little family will remain complete!!

Thanks to all of you who came out and competed or cheered on! It was great to see so many of us in place at the same time!

Eric and Derk were amazing BBQ’ing all of the food!! Thank you, thank you, thank you……

Words can’t express how grateful we are for all of you and what you bring to LCF!!!

Saturday WOD

6a – Olympic Lifting

6a – WOD

7a – WOD

8a – YOGA

9a – WOD


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  1. That is amazing. I am so sad that we missed it. Court was exhausting but a huge relief for our family. Next step is a final appearance for finalization. Keeping our fingers crossed this happens sooner than later.
    Good luck to Brock and his family and to Aliex as well!!!

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