Saturday 160305


Hats & Headbands.....

Hats & Headbands…..

 We have seen some amazing SPIRIT these last two weeks!! This week, Hats and Headbands and picture above are just a few of the ones who stood out. 

If you are planning on completing 16.2 or going for a re-do, there will be space available to do so, please coordinate with the coach of the class time you are attending. Saturday 7a, 8a or 9a. Sunday hours 12-2. 

ENTER in your 16.2 SCORE!! You enter in your score on the site when you log in, we will validate it!!! Don’t wait until the last minute to enter it! Deadline is Monday at 6pm Mountain time. This week you MUST enter in your REPS and the TIE BREAK score. The Tie break is the time you ended your last set up double unders or singles. Also, be sure to mark RX if you did Toes to Bar and SCALED if you knees to waist. 

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Saturday Schedule
6a – Olympic Lifting
7a – WOD
9a –WOD

Sunday OPEN GYM 12-2pm.

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