Saturday 160227

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A Big THANKS to everyone and their patience while we worked on getting everyone through 16.1. The meme above sums it up nicely (we are not that bad off, but it was very challenging)! It was a challenge and will continue to be a challenge until Tuesday when it is to late to do this particular WOD. Pray to the WOD God’s that we won’t see another logistical nightmare WOD over the next 4 weeks. 

We will be running 16.1 Saturday at 7a, 8a and 9a. We will also have an Outside WOD for those of you who want to WOD but already did 16.1. We again, ask for your patience as we are only able to run 8 heats at a time. 

Come MONDAY, there will be limited space (maybe 2 lanes) to do this WOD, PLEASE do everything that you can do to get it done on Saturday or Sunday between 12 and 2. 

ENTER in your 16.1 SCORE!! You enter in your score on the site when you log in, we will validate it!!! Don’t wait until the last minute to enter it! Deadline is Monday at 6pm Mountain time. 

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Saturday Schedule
6a – Olympic Lifting
7a – 16.1 and outside WOD
8a – 16.1 
9a – 16.1 and outside WOD

Sunday OPEN GYM 12-2pm.

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