Saturday 160102

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! We are looking forward to another GREAT year at LCF!!!

2015 NYE’s Throwdown was a great way to spend the last day of 2015. Thanks to all of the coaches that helped make it happen, Coach E for running the show and keeping things moving right along and to Lane W for being the mastermind behind the scenes by reading chicken scratch hand writing, adding up numbers, and entering in scores! Results sheets have been printed and are hanging up on the community board.
This year the the 2015 winners are:

RX TEAM – Steve Bender/Grizz (Sara) Huntsman
SCALED TEAM – Justin Morley and Heidi Yeates (Heidi’s first time competing!!!)
SPIRIT of the GAMES – Robert and KC Cherry

Saturday WOD times:
6a – Olympic Lifting
7a – WOD
9a – WOD

Sunday –  Open Gym 12-2pm.

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