Saturday 151003

 LCF Mini GamesScore for week 3 are due no later than Sunday! 400 meter row for time!

T-shirt/Hoodie orders are due by Tuesday!! Get your t’s, tank’s or hoodies ordered!! Payments will be collected when they come in. 

Saturday WOD times:

6a – Olympic Lifting

7a – WOD

9a –  WOD

Sunday Open Gym Hours 12-2 with Coach Scott!

WODAPALOOZA –  The WZA V Online Challenge is a great opportunity to compete against friends in your box and the entire fitness community. It will also serve as the qualifier and lottery for The Wodapalooza Fitness Festival in Miami held in January.  Please note, everyone that wishes to compete at WZA Miami, aside from the invited,must complete the Online Challenge. For more info and to register  Starts on 10/1/15.  You have until 10/6/15 to sign up for the fun.

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