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Rowing Seminar on SATURDAY June 6th at 8a – Our very own Jake H will be putting on a seminar for anyone who is interested to attend to learn about proper rowing form, rowing efficiency, etc.. A little bit about Jake….”I started rowing in high school, as an off season sport to swimming. When I went to Springfield college I continued to swim and row. I rowed starboard stroke “1 seat” for an 8 man sweep boat. We competed with Harvard, Yale, Coastguard, Boston University etc.. I was the crew team captain all 4 years of college. We rowed head races in the fall 3+ miles races that are timed. Sprints were in the spring and were 2000 meter boat to boat races. I participated in the concept 2 crash B’s, and rowed the Head of the Charles in Boston, When I graduated in 2000 I started rowing a Masters heavy weight single for the Blood Street Skulls, I competed in the Coast Guard Rescue swimmer program, but ended up moving out west. Despite my size I have Swam as a regional championship qualifier. I also qualified for the regional rowing championships were we got our asses handed to us by the Yale Bulldogs!! None the less it was amazing to be matched up with a division 1 school.”

Saturday Schedule:

6a – Olympic Lifting
7a – WOD
9a – WOD

Good luck and have fun all of you who are in the Nutrition Challenge as you get up at in the middle of the night (3:45am) and embark upon Challenge #1!! Remember, CrossFit you train for the known and the unknowable!!!! It’s only sleep right? 

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