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AJ and Tia are well known faces around Letrono CrossFit, well for AJ it is more of his warrior moan that most of us have heard and learned to recognize from a far. His moan does not only show up during a rough WOD, it also comes up during a nice relaxing Yoga session. Tia always has a smile on her face and is always ready to do her best during any given day at LCF. AJ and Tia have sold their home in Syracuse and will be building a home in Eden come Spring. Unfortunately for us, they are moving to Eden this weekend to prepare for their upcoming journey of house building. There are so many things that we can say about Tia and AJ and the memories we have shared with them over the last 3.5 years. Tia bought one of our first Groupon’s specials and dragged AJ along with her. AJ is an avid soccer player and that is where all of his injuries have stemmed from. Who say’s CrossFit is dangerous….Not AJ!  He recently got injured yet again and has not been seen much due to a torn ACL and MCL. AJ and Coach E have a lot of the same issues and are both become great friends with the Orthopedic surgeon. Next week will be their last week.  You both will be missed immensely, we hope to still see you around when you come down off the mountain. Take care and thanks for being such great friends and being a huge part of LCF’s community. (Insert tears and loud moans of course)

Here is what a few people have to say about TIA and AJ:

“Tia showed up for an afternoon WOD and just so happened to be the only athlete at that time. I don’t recall the WOD other than it had cleans and running. Tia started with a “lighter” bar and each time she went out the door on her run, Troy would add more weight. Tia would come in and do the reps and run back out the door. Each round Troy added more weight. Tia never complained or said anything about the bar getting heavier. After the WOD Troy asked her how that weight felt. Tia said, “well it sure seemed to get really heavy there at the end” . Tia was impressed at how much weight it was she was lifting when it was all said and done!”

“During one of the Spartan races we attended, I was waiting for Troy and my boys to come through the rope climbs so I could take some pictures. I noticed this man laying face down in the hay below the ropes, then I heard the moans. It was AJ! After a minute he started to army crawl across the ground, moaning….”

“I remember when AJ was doing a workout and we had people in the class that were brand new out of on ramp. They kept looking over at AJ who appeared to be struggling and grunting through the whole thing! I’m pretty sure the new guys were very, very scared of crossfit after that… in fact, they might not have come back. LOL!”

AJ and all his grunting will be greatly missed.  Denise will gladly carry on in his shoes as the female grunting version of AJ!!  Long live the grunters!!!

“Tia and AJ have been icons at the gym…with the cool night crowd (of course).  They are both bad A’s with hearts of gold and have always been there for the Thielfoldt moves!  We will miss you guys, hearing about AJ’s latest injuries, seeing the house plans during WOD’s, and pictures of cute puppies.  Remember, you’re not far and we expect to see you at the throw downs!  — The Thielfoldt clan”

Open Gym Sunday 12-2pm

Challenge Peeps and those not yet fully committed…..
Many of you have questions and would like some answers. .. we have a time and place to share all those responses! 🙂
THIS Saturday.. January 11th @ 08:00. Letrono.
●We will let you know which team you’re on.
● Find out what your buy in monies are going towards.
● Answer the BIG Q…”what is sugar???”
● Find out how YOU can win this fantabulous challenge! 

Please.. if you haven’t already turned in your envelope,  with your payment method and written goal,  bring it to the meeting on Saturday,  the 11th @ 08:00.

6a – Olympic Lifting

7a – WOD

8a – YOGA

9a – WOD

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