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Youth Speed, Strength and Agility class is going to start on January 5th and this class will be held every Monday and Wednesday at 4:15p. This upcoming Monday we are offering this class FREE to anyone ages 12-16. This is a great opportunity for these kids to come in and see what this class is all about. This class is going to be very similar to the Football Camp we held the last Three Summers. Bring your kids and show up a few minutes early to ensure you have time to sign waivers. Cost of class starting in January is $55  per month for 2 times per week.

The Last New Years Resolution You’ll Make

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“Everyday you wake up, you decide who you want to be that day.”
That statement resonates greatly with me. It brings me back to myself whether my head is up in the clouds or flat in the gutter.
I know most New Year’s resolutions are about food, or working out, or a bad habit that we have put off squashing, But a new year’s resolution is just another one of those lies that we tell ourselves, wouldn’t you agree?

Think about this.
When we “put something off” till January 1st we are consciously refusing to take an action that would probably better our lives. Putting down the diet soda in 2 months is no different than putting down a diet soda now (except at that point we will have 2 extra months worth of consuming something we know hurts us).
Our lives are built from our experiences and the decisions we have made in response to them. If we keep making the same type of decision long enough it will eventually become a habit. A resolution is suppose to be different. It is a firm commitment to do something or abstain from something else. Most people’s new year’s resolutions are just commitments to make decisions that we have not made successfully in the past year.

But I will pose to you a reality that most of us ignore.

Each day, you make those decisions. Hour by hour, minute by minute, you are faced choices, whether its a new one or something you have been battling with already.
That resolution your saving for January 1st isn’t lying dormant for you until next year; it’s here now, waiting for you to take action.
The problem with keeping resolutions isn’t that they are hard to keep, it’s our way of thinking about them. It’s our attitude towards the decisions we are making right now!
You have two choices; (as the glass-maker says) Break the mold, or keep casting the same bulb. You cant change the decision you are making and the habits you have now with the same mentality you have had this past year. You have to break the mold that you use to make decisions, your attitude.

You can keep trying the same thing.

You can ignore that decision staring you in the face right now and surrender your power once again by waiting until New Year’s Day, and then what happens?  Next year will come and go and you will find yourself in the same predicament you are in right now. Why? Because you haven’t changed your attitude! Not making the decisions you want and need to when they arise. They will become the next new years resolutions.


You can break the mold.

You can make the right choice. No matter how small it is, whether it’s as small as drinking a diet soda or as big as kicking cigarettes or laziness. Even if you make just a few good moves but fall back into habit again its fine. Everyone takes their own steps and has a different path. They aren’t perfect, but paths are made by walking. Not putting off the start.

So I challenge you. Don’t wait until next year to take a step in the right direction. Change how you think about your habits and see that real progress is up to you every day you wake up. Start walking where you are now and pick up tools as you go along to help you become better. That is how bad habits are broken and good ones are made. Its how good habits last. Don’t forget to give yourself a gift this season. Change.

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Nutrition Challenge – You can start getting ready by thinking about what your personal goal is for the first 12 weeks of the new year. When you commit to the challenge, one of the first things you will need to do is create a goal. Any goal….gain weight, lose weight, eat more vegetables (Steve B :-) ), eat less fruit….etc…..

Calling All Ladies………We NEED YOU to sign up for the New Years Eve Throwdown. We have CrossFit men looking for CrossFit Ladies to make a team for the throw-down. If you have not yet put your name on the board do so ASAP or better yet, add a dude’s name from the “singles” side of the board and add it to your name on the whiteboard and create a team! No excuses…. everyone…..YES EVERYONE of YOU will be able to participate in this fun mini competition and it is a great way to bring in the new year. 

Burpee Challenge Day 80

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